ABB MCCB (Fixed Type) 63A 4p 18kA


MCCB SACE FORMULA A1 (Series) 3pole and 4pole (16A to 125A)


• fixed version;
• polarity: 1 pole (A1 and A2), 2 poles (A1 and A2), 3 poles (A1, A2 and A3), 4 poles (A1, A2
and A3);
• maximum breaking capacity of 36kA for A1 and A2 and of 50kA for A3 at 415V AC;
• fixed thermomagnetic trip unit (TMF) for protection of networks in alternating and direct
current (A1, A2, A3);
• ELT LI electronic trip unit with fixed thresholds for the protection of networks in alternating
current (A3);
• only two depths: 60mm (A1, A2) and 103.5mm (A3);
• standard front terminals;
• the possibility of use at 50°C without derating up to 250A (except for A1 125A);
• a special version for A3 300A-400A for use at 50°C.

Weight 1.5 kg